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All you need to know about Be At One

Our History

In the late ‘90s, the cocktail bar industry was becoming saturated with bars which focused more on style than substance. This was the an opportunity for Steve, Leigh and Rhys, who had met while working together in the West End of London in the early 1990s.

They threw in their jobs, each got themselves a car loan and a credit card, and bought a run down Indian restaurant on Battersea Rise. Over the following seven weeks they created a cocktail bar.

Today their legacy has amounted to no less than 31 bars all over the UK. Be At One has become one of the biggest cocktail bar chains and has gone from strength to strength opening bars across London, expanding across the South (Reading, Brighton, Oxford and Milton Keynes) the West (Bristol, Bath and Cardiff), and the recent expansion into the North and Midlands (Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool).

Benefits of working with Be At One

Besides offering a competitive salary, a weekly bartender bonus and employee reward scheme, we’ve got plenty of other benefits for the right employees. We offer all of our employees continues training and progression programs, because we value good employees and want to invest in your future with our company, as well as help you reach your full potential.

Talking about your future, we also offer a recognition for those who have served with us for long, making it worth your time and in your interest to stay in the family for a few years.

Have you heard about our competitions?

If you haven’t heard about our yearly competition, then pay attention. The Be At One Bartender Challenge is our quest to find the best bartender currently working for us. There are a variety of tests and heats that all of our bartenders compete in, then the best of the bunch go into 3 semi-finals involving a live "front bar" performance.

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