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How EBS MatchStaff works

I’m looking for a job

As a graduate of the world's leading bartending school, EBS, you have exclusive access to the extensive job database that EBS MatchStaff provides. Learn more about our courses.

The journey with EBS does not end after the course.

Once you graduate you get your own unique profile to showcase your talents and experience to potential employers all searching for highly-trained and certified bartenders like you. We’ve built a community for graduates and employers to co-exist in the best place possible.

You can keep using all of our features throughout your entire bartending career; from bar back all the way through to bar owner.

Learn more about finding a job with EBS MatchStaff, or find out more about European Bartender School.

I’m looking for staff

EBS MatchStaff has a database of thousands of educated and certified bartenders courtesy of European Bartender School. Register today.

Posting a job is 100% free and you can post as many positions as you like, for as many venues as you want. Your venue will have its own profile page, all connected to your job offers.

You can communicate easily with potential employees via our messaging service, as well as contact any of our available graduates about your job opportunity.

To guarantee the quality of jobs and venues that EBS MatchStaff advertises, your venue application will need to be reviewed before your job offers are publicly published. You can register and publish your first job with EBS MatchStaff now.

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  • Generals
    • What is EBS MatchStaff?

      EBS MatchStaff is niche recruitment. We provide bar staff for the global hospitality industry. All of our jobseekers have graduated from European Bartender School 4-Week or 10-Day advanced bar courses. Search for and apply for hospitality jobs. Post hospitality jobs and search bartenders. It's more than just this: Regular content providing industry insights, recruitment advice and bartender advice.

    • What is EBS?

      In five words: Hard Work, Spirit and Soul. The European Bartender School is the world's largest and most professional bartender school with more than 25 schools across the world, 16 years of operating and over 500 graduates a month. Learn more

    • How to gain access to EBS MatchStaff?

      EBS MatchStaff is a public platform visible to everyone. It is free to post jobs here and if you have graduated from one of our bar courses you will gain access to apply for jobs.

      As a graduate of the European Bartender School you will get your own profile, CV and will have full access to all jobs posted on our site. Learn more about how to become an EBS graduate.

      As a venue you can post jobs for free on our site. We ask that you follow our community guidelines to make sure your gain the most of our system. We offer several recruitment solutions for venues. Get in touch for more information.

    • When do I get access?

      As a graduate you gain access after passing your course - see what courses grant access. It can take up to a week for our system to process the information and you will be notified by email. If you haven't received your login after more than one week after passing your course please contact us.

      As a venue you can open an account at any time you want. Once you post your first job we will verify your account information for security reasons. When your account has been verified, we will send you an email and your job post will be visible. Verification only happens once, however if we are notified that any irregular activity is coming from your account, we might need to suspend it while we investigate. For more information read our community guidelines.

  • Trouble shooting
    • Login information not available


      It takes up to one week for your code to arrive in your inbox. Depending on your email server, our email might end up in your spam box. If you haven't received your code after more than one week, please let us know.

      Pro tips:

      • Check your spam for our email. Some servers don't like general emails, so they sort them as spam.
      • What email is your student account linked to? If you have several emails you use make sure you check one your student account is linked to. This is where you will receive your code.
      • If you haven't passed the course you will need to do an re-exam before you can gain access to our course. Check out how to book your re-exam here.


      Make sure that the email address you registered your account with is the correct one and that you have verified it. Check your spam inbox as some servers sort general emails as spam. If you still haven't received your details contact us and we'll source the problem and have you up and running in no time.

    • Using different email addresses

      It is easy to change the email linked to your account.

      Change your account email

      If you want to change your email, you can go to your profile page, click "Edit profile" and scroll to your email and select "Change email". This will also change the email that your recieve message notifications.

      Change where you recieve applications

      If you would like to change which email address you recieve applications to, go to "Venue related email" in settings and enter your preferred email for that venue.

      Change email linked to job add

      To change the email associated with an already published job, click "Manage jobs" in your profile then select "Edit job" and choose "Change email".

      Alternatively, feel free to contact us if you are having any problems.

    • Login Failing

      For your graduate account

      • Copy past failing: Sometimes when you copy past spaces can accidentally appear, this will block your access to your account as your password will seem wrong.
      • Caps Lock: Check that your caps log has not ben activated and is blocking your access.
      • Memory loss: It happens to all of us! Reset your password in the link below the entry form and make up a great mindgame to never forget again!

      If you are still having trouble logging in please contact us and we'll get you on the right track!

      For your venue account, check to see if the person responsible for your account hasn't changed the login details. Make sure your password is entered correctly as passwords are case sensitive. If the problem continues you can reset the password or contact us and we'll get to the bottom of the problem.

    • Picture format

      EBS MatchStaff supports JPG and PNG at 500x500 with a maximum file size of 1mb.

  • Applying for a job
    • In what countries can I find jobs?

      EBS MatchStaff advertises jobs from across the globe. Scandinavia, Thailand, Sydney, England, Spain and many more. Search our database of jobs and locations.

    • Job assistance

      The journey with EBS does not end after the course. You had amazing mentors teaching you all about bartending, but we want to grow and develop through out your career. Therefore, we have created excellent blogs on: CV writing, profile optimisation, cover letter magic - all the basics you need, to get a headstart in your jobseach. We will continue to provide you with montoring thoughout your career and you can find many blogs on self development and career growth in our blog section.

    • Job search

      Print your CV

      You can print your CV and use it when you are searching your local area for jobs.

      Filter your job search

      You can also filter your searches on EBS MatchStaff to find any jobs that are local to you.

    • EBS MatchStaff CV

      Our CV builder allows you to create your own EBS MatchStaff CV that you can use when applying for jobs and you can even print it off and use it when applying for jobs in person!

    • Communication/message center

      No reply from a Venue

      Recruitment can be very complex, meaning some venues can receive hundreds of applications and unfortunately might not be able to reply to every applicant.

      Message alerts

      Our message alerts are time based and will let you know when you have messages pending in your inbox. You can unsubscribe to message alerts in your profile settings.

    • How can I improve my CV?

      Have you read our articles on how you can best build a CV? If not, you can read them here.

    • I haven’t received an answer from the venue.

      Please try to be patient when awaiting a response from a venue. They will receive a lot of applications and may not respond to everyone.

  • Publishing a job offer
    • How to post a job

      Posting jobs on EBS MatchStaff has never been easier. Register for a venue page today, fill out your details and publish a job. Once you publish your first job, we'll verify your profile for security reasons and then you're good to go.

      Do you have any questions about the registration process? Get in touch.

    • How to remove a job?

      It's easy to deactivate jobs on EBS MatchStaff. All you need to do is:

      • Visit your profile page.
      • Select "Manage jobs".
      • Next to your active jobs you'll see "Deactivate Job"
      • This will remove your job from public visibility.

      Alternatively, your job offer will expire automatically after one month if no action is taken.

    • Manage your venue pictures

      Changing venue photos and logos can all be done from your profile page:

      • Visit your venue profile page
      • Select "Edit Profile"
      • Scroll to "Venue Photos"
      • Upload and edit your choice of photos (we recommend 800 x 600)
      • Once you're done, hit the save button!
    • Edit job description

      If you need to edit your job description you can follow these steps:

      • Visit your profile page
      • Select "Manage jobs"
      • Choose "Edit job"
      • Edit your description
    • Contract types and Job categories

      EBS MatchStaff is solely a platform for the hospitality industry. We only advertise jobs that match our education and the career advancement it can lead to. Jobs that are not within our terms and conditions will be removed from our website.

      Job Categories

      • Barback
      • Runner
      • Cocktail Shaker
      • Floor staff
      • Host/Hostess
      • Bartender
      • Barista
      • Head Bartender
      • Assistant General Manager
      • General Manager
      • Floor Manager
      • Other/Event Based
      • Trainer/Consultant

      Contract types

      • Full time
      • Part time
      • Seasonal
      • Occasional (e.g on call, events companies etc)

Stay safe with EBS MatchStaff

EBS MatchStaff is a community. We're here to make your time within the hospitality industry as memorable and as safe as possible. That's why we have our own community guidelines to ensure that this safe haven isn'tbreached. Take the time to read through our guidelines so you can help our community remain the best place to be for hospitality.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Let's talk.

Your profile is unique to you. Your personal details cannot be changed, ensuring your online wellbeing and your identity is kept safe and secure.

Whilst everyone can search EBS MatchStaff and view content, only EBS graduates can apply for jobs, receive job notifications, access our internal messaging system and have access to an EBS MatchStaff CV.

EBS MatchStaff is 100% free to use. You will never be charged to use any of our services - that includes applying for jobs, creating a CV, using the messaging system, viewing any content we post - if anyone contacts you about any financial cost for using EBS MatchStaff you should immediately report their profile.

If you suspect someone is trying to run a scam, are abusing the EBS MatchStaff guidelines or they have contacted you directly asking for money then you should always report their profile.

Users can not post links to other job sites, including any and all company pages. If there is a job available, it is an uncomplicated process to register for EBS MatchStaff as a venue and advertise on our website. There is no need to link to any other website.

You can post or apply to as many job posts as you want to with no cost.

All venues will be reviewed by EBS MatchStaff before publication.

EBS MatchStaff can not be used to post jobs for personal events.

All fake profiles will be blocked and deleted. These include any profiles found to be violating our community guidelines and/or attempting to scam or spam graduates or venues.

Any venues wishing to initiate meetings with graduates should do so at their venue.

EBS MatchStaff’s job forum is exclusively for venues and EBS graduates.

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