We are a small growing family with an extensive background in hospitality. We know what it’s like to work for big corporations and we know what it’s like to work for a mom-and-pop place. PAX 49 is the perfect balance between both worlds, but in this case we’re only taking the positive and leaving out the bad. Don’t believe us? Come find out!

Do you know the expression ‘what's in a name’? Well, in this case it really is ALL in the name. PAX stands for people, and those are the ones we care for. It’s a place where people can come together to escape and simply have a good time.

Our specialties are our cocktails although we are not there to reinvent them, we are bringing them back to the basics: simple, fresh and with a dash of personality.

We consider our guests and co-workers to be one big happy family. We make them feel at home by getting to know them and their needs, and of course it goes without saying that we provide them with great service and the fair share of entertainment.
Premium Venue EBS MatchStaff Partner
Venue type Bar
Location Barcelona, Spain

Pax49 is an EBS MatchStaff premium venue.

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